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EUR 230,000 investment with EU support at Grixti Mobili Ltd.

Grixti Mobili Ltd. are in the process of investing around EUR 230,000 in new equipment.

The investment is being made with support from the European Union under the European Regional Development Funds (PA 3 of the Operational Programme 1 for Malta – Enhancing Malta’s competitiveness through investment in SMEs) through the SME Diversification and Innovation Grant Scheme which forms part of the portfolio of schemes under the Business Enhance ERDF Grant Schemes. Grixti Mobili will be receiving up to EUR 90,000 in support.

The project, entitled ‘New Investments by Grixti Mobili Ltd. (ERDF.PA3.ERDF.03.S3.Call 1.0076) entails the procurement of and installation at the firm’s factory in Marsa of a gantry machining centre for wood nesting applications. It will help Grixti Mobili to automate its production process and diversify into new forms of output and higher quality production.

Apart from such diversification, the project is expected to increase in the ability to produce large volumes of furniture within a short-period of time, reduce operating costs whilst still enabling the firm to provide customised solutions, improve the quality of the output whilst reducing the environmental footprint of the manufacturing process.

The purchase of the said Gantry machining centre for wood nesting applications will be procured through an open process to which qualified parties may submit their bid. Relevant tendering document is to be found below:

RFQ – Grixti Mobili – Nesting Machine (PDF)